Are you a Crossdresser?

    If you do it... 'Openly'  or

'In the Closet'  or  just  'In Between'

Let Ms.Tracy help you get better at it.

  • Practice being Feminine
  • Be yourself
  • Become passable
  • Go on ban Outing
  • Be more confident
  • Build your wardrobe
  • Release emotions
  • Reduce fear
  • Have fun
  • Feel sexy
  • Feel accepted
  • Makeup
  • Hair / Wigs
  • Clothing
  • Undergarments
  • Accesories
  • Shopping
  • Mannerisms
  • Prepare for an Outing
  • Nails / Pedicure ©  2014 All Rights Reserved

Achieve what you desire...

Tracy Coxx - Feminine Coach

Inland Empire, Ca



By appointment only....

at  private and discreet location.


   Ms.Tracy works 1 on 1with each client, depending on each clients different tastes, needs and desire.    She  is an acclaimed natural  and has clients across Ca. Crossdressers have always been a part of her personal life, with some having long term, intimate  relationships.  Her quote:


  "It just seems that I have a natural understanding and love,  for what seems to be the misunderstood in society."

Tracy Coxx

     Do What Girls Do.      Do what YOU want to do.